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St Peters Seminary


Gareth Hoskins

_BCC were appointed by Urban Splash to join the design team of Gareth Hoskins Architects, David Narro Associates (structural engineers), Power Alliance (service connectors), NVA and ERZ (landscape architects) to work on stage 1, the costing of St Peters Seminary.

The study was initiated in 2008 and BCC have produced cost plans of the entire project. The ambitions of Gareth Hoskins and Urban Splash are pushing the boundaries of this already existing ambitious structure and the cocktail of results, whilst extremely difficult, have allowed BCC’s appetite for bespoke architecture challenge our visions of the cost and construction.

The project includes the restoration of Gillespie Kidd and Coia’s original architecture. The excitement for this at BCC is the slight feeling that although we are working with Gareth Hoskins Architects there is an underlying feeling that we are also working with Gillespie Kidd and Coia, as we investigate the details of their architecture and minds as we reap through the original drawings. To work on projects of this nature come very rarely and BCC are enjoying every part of this experience.

The costing involves working existing architecture, new architecture, repairs to existing structures, services, incoming loads, historic bridges and landscapes. BCC have now produced several detailed cost plans for Urban Splash and for Heritage lottery funding. We are also working on grant cost plans for NVA.