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Anchor Line


Entering this historic building before the fit out was like entering the Titanic at the bottom of the sea, untouched for 10 years the dark decent in torchlight down the ornate staircase to the basement was a moment to recall!!

Mario and Tony wanted to bring the building back to life, with all the grandure of its original owners, the Anchor line, who’s grand trips to New York and the carabean in the 20’s and 30’s must have been unimaginable for most of us. Tony Conneta sourced artefacts from the Anchor line in New York, Glasgow and beyond, eventually Tony secured permission from the University of Glasgow to access their vaults and obtain pictures and memorabilia.

Historic Scotland sat on top of the design team throughout. CM led the design under Tony’s direction and the result is a wonderful bar restaurant which Tony and Mario feel matches their ambitions since purchasing the building some 6 years earlier. It’s a top spot.