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Glen Dye Steadings

Bridge of Dye

The difficulty with this project was to keep the character of the original steading but form additional office accommodation for the estate as well as new slick residential units for letting / re-sale. Nord Architecture came up with some lovely window details along with a plethera of other features to help facilitate this.

The project was under severe budget pressure from the start but BCC managed to negotiate with Bancon construction to ensure the project went ahead.

The heating for all of the units is provided by a Biomass boiler situated at the top of the hill overlooking the units which has been clad in timber to blend into the surroundings. The Boiler is currently fed by Wood-chip sourced from the estates own forestry division keeping their carbon footprint as low as possible. The drinking water also comes from the estates own source, with the drainage being treated on-site prior to discharging to local soakaways making this development almost self sufficient.

Estate manager Selby Duncan MacDuff was of great help as site eyes and ears during the construction period as well as a wealth of knowledge as to the pools to fish on the Estates river banks!